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All topics to be organized hierarchically. These categories are open for users to self-organize and maintain. Categories and sub-categories can be added, deleted or moved as needed.

» Technology

   All high-tech topics go here...

» Entertainment

   Entertainment related topics should go here...

» Automobile

   Automobile related filings...

» Shopping

   No description...

» Internet

   All internet related filings...

» Unfiled Category

   For all posts that have no category defined. This could be a place holder for new topics that can be moved later to a more appropriate category as needed.

» Travel & Tourism

   For travel and tourism topics filing.

» Government

   Government related filing of topics.

» World

   Global category for places and locations and other topics.

» Business

   Business category.

» Economy

   Category for all economy related posts.

» Recreation

   Category for all recreational topics. Picnics, camping, skiing...etc.

» Photography


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