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    A few words from the 'webmaster'...

    This site is my personal project driven by my hobby and interests being a frequent internet user myself. There are many features and functions that lack the obvious quality had it been built by professional commitments.

    I'm not an expert in web programming nor designing... I'm just learning as I go. So, please bear with me while continual updates are being added frequently to improve your internet experience.

    What's in the Name?
    VineTop is formed after being lost in the vines of the internet. I struggled a lot of times where I cannot find what I need to know in a more practical sense like how to program a simple garage opener remote or how to replace the batteries on certain watches. These kinds of knowledge would be called 'How-To' or 'DIY'. Then on other dimensions of our knowledge we have experiences with many products that we use daily where we know of all the features and capabilities and we can share with others of the useful details. These knowledge could be usefully organized as 'Reviews' or 'Tips & Tricks'. The sky is the limit if we want to share our useful, casual and practical knowledge this way.

    I'm sure each and everyone of us would know a lot about many things where we don't have a chance to speak our minds and share top-of-the-vine knowledge in one place on the net. This site is built to store our casual and practical knowledge in a more casual way that doesn't call for a lengthy Wikipedia entry. Of course, don't divulge information that is personal where it can expose of who you are. Remember to keep yourself 'anonymous' by using multiple profiles with one for each of your interests. Please read the 'Terms & Policy' for further details.

    Joining This Site
    Currently the limit of membership is not freely available for all potential public members as our software and server capability is fairly limited. You still can join as you wish by opening this web address: ( )

    Thank you for your visit and participation.

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