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How to install MySQL 5.0 Server on Windows XP - Atom8 - Jan 22, 2008 3:32pm
How-To & DIY @ Technology / Database / MySQL - Views (8899) - Ratings(1): ( 4.00 )
You'll need to download the installation package from: #win32

Then run the Setup.exe program. These are the screenshots that you'll see during the installation process.

**Go with "Typical" settings

**Click "Install"

**Configure the new server option

**Use "Standard Configuration"

**Check all boxes

**Setup default 'root' password here (doesn't seem to work but what the heck)

**Click "Execute" error will show up

**This error showed up often on most of my few install trials. Just click "Skip" button to continue

**Click "Cancel" to complete the installation procedure. It is completed and running already. The installation wizard is not that clear on this point yet.

Now let's setup the root account password and the given default 'test' database for testing.

1) Setup the password for 'root' account on MySQL DB Server:
- Run the command 'mysql -u root' (use default blank password - the setup Wizard screenshot above shown that we have set the root password already. But it didn't work for some reasons.)
- Now you are in the 'mysql' shell (run the whole line below to set the root password as 'pass'):
SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('pass');

Command Shell Screeshot:

2) Now, let's setup the 'test' db for testing:
- Log into the MySQL server as root above
- Run the command 'use test' in the 'mysql' shell to use the 'test' db given (it's empty by default)
- Run the command 'create table mytable(ColA int(3), ColB char(128));'
- Now you have a table named 'mytable' in the database 'test' on your new MySQL server. The table has 2 columns named 'ColA' and 'ColB'. Column 'ColA' is storing digits up to 3 digits in length and Column 'ColB' stores text string up to 128 characters in length.

Command Shell Screeshot:

Note: Accessing MySQL from CMD Console (for user 'root' with password 'pass') looks like this:
Run command "mysql -u root --password=pass"

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