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How to install ActiveState Perl 5.10 on Windows XP - Atom8 - Jan 22, 2008 5:26pm
How-To & DIY @ Technology / Computers / Progamming Languages / Perl - Views (9572) - Ratings(3): ( 2.67 )
Download latest ActiveState 5.10.x Perl from: l

**Go with all default settings

**These boxes are checked

Run the command "perl -v" to verify the new installed Perl version.

Last Edit: Jan 22, 2008 5:38pm - by Atom8        Comments | Report

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( Qwenci ) - Nov 13, 2015 8:53am - Rated: 1

That's asking an awful lot from an 80 year old guy who is prtety set in his ways and doesn't have enough lifetime left to waste learning new tricks. I told him that the minor pains of switching would be more than worth it, once he was liberated from the usual windows troubles like viruses and security problems. He wouldn't buy it.You have failed to convince me that linux offers anything better. It is merely different. People don't want different, they want better. And to the masses, better means simpler. Linux is not simpler than Windows or Macs. And when things go wrong, there is nobody to call for tech support.Unfortunately, you are operating from a terrible misconception, it is known as the Curse of Information. As a computer expert, you see things from a position of expertise, you think that what is obvious to you is obvious to everyone. But you are wrong. What seems obvious to you, novices and everyday average computer users find incredibly difficult. But you cannot put yourself in their position, you cannot see through their eyes, no more than you could erase your memories of all the expertise you learned through years of study and experience. You just don't know what people really want, you fantasize that people year for some hypothetical freedom but that's not what people really want. This is why linux fails and continues to fail: people like YOU are writing it.

( Lom ) - Nov 13, 2015 8:06am - Rated: 4

Its realy a lovely song Duminda..and it rindmes me all the nice memories we had when we were in Sri lanka.You are so luckey to be loved by so many people,they all apriciate you and your work.Good luck Duminda.

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