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Sony PS3 250GB Upgrade on a 40GB System - Atom8 - Mar 03, 2008 12:58am
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The PS3 system can be upgraded with a new hard drive quite easily.
Just buy the largest 2.5in SATA hard drive you can get.
- Pop out the hard drive bay....and install the new HD.
- Boot-up the system and it will ask if you want to format the HD.
- Format the HD and you're up.

My friend just bought a 250GB HD from Fry's Electronics (with a sale price of $114.99 over the regular price of $139.99).

Here's how it goes on his 40GB PS3 system.

The new 250GB drive:

Pop up the HD cover (using just finger nail is enough):

The HD tray now visible with the built-in latch to hold on:
- REMOVE the blue screw to slide out the drive tray

Pop up the wire latch and SLIDE it toward the OPEN space in the slot:

Take out the whole drive tray once slid out:

The whole OEM drive and tray (40GB):

The empty HD tray. Swap out the old drive with the new drive, pop it in and you're good to go:

**Note: After format, the system seems to have used up some space for internal contents of some sort. We found out that it displays of 205GB/232GB total space.

I think this is quite a good deal consider the significant drive space for just $114.99 on top of the 40GB system's price. Much more worth it than the 80GB PS3 system!

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