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Hawaii First Trip - quickTrip - Jan 26, 2008 8:34pm
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Just finished my first trip to Hawaii recently. Stayed near Waikiki beach.

I really liked the weather there. So warm in December time frame. Unbelievable relaxing feeling once I set foot down to Hawaii.

I love the palm trees and long stretches of beaches. Nice green mountains rolled across the island.

Tours were endless for bookings. I had no time to get to all the tours I wanted. I only got to see the round-the-island tour with Roberts Tours.

The best day was with Hanauma Bay snorkeling trip. Water was warm and clear enough. Bad thing is that there are too many tourists on the same beach. All the reefs look really battered even though all visitors had to go through a video training session before coming into the bay.

Still...people basically ran over the reefs even if it cost them cuts and bruises. The reefs are always at the loosing end where there are endless supply of careless people to come.

I came equipped with a waterproof camera (the Olympus 790SW). Took some really nice pics under water with the fishes. Posting them soon once sorted them out.

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