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Hawaii - Hanauma Bay Snorkeling - quickTrip - Jan 27, 2008 2:27am
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I booked a tour at "Tours 4 Less" near Hilton Hotel on Waikiki to go snorkeling. It was a fun trip. Here's how it went:

- They tell you to meet at certain place and certain time on the day you want to go. The most popular places are shown and you take your pick.

- Once on-time, there is a bus or a van that comes and announce what tour they are operating for and start to pick up passengers.

- The tourists get rounded up and taken to another public parking along the beach. That's where we get our snorkel gears matched and prepared.

- Then the van takes the group to Hanauma Bay. All tourists then have to pay an entrance fee - 5 bucks.

- There is no direct access for anyone to go straight down to the beach right away...we'd wait for the show time of the next video education and brief history of Hanauma Bay.

- After watching the short educational video of about 10-15 minutes. Now we are released to the other side of the theater which is the path to the beach about 1/4 mile away. You can walk down the steep hill or pay 50cents for the shuttle to take you down (I walked and got down there faster than the shuttle - you have to wait for its departure of course. It's not your personal shuttle).

- Once you get to the sand, find a good spot and hit the water!

Here's what the bay looks like:

Overview of the bay

Viewing down to the beach

Cool fish

The coolest & cutest fish I found in this bay!

Typical fish...these are abundant

A pink float

Activities on the sand

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