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Inside Out of the Samsung Infuse 4G - Atom8 - Feb 03, 2012 4:31am
Tips & Tricks @ Technology / Mobile Phones / Samsung / Infuse (SGH-I997) - Views (8736) - ( Unrated )
Here are the steps to open up the Infuse 4G. Had to do it after dropping it in the tub (yes, it was saved). Took the pix along the way to show y'all.

Start with a dead fone:

Flip it over and remove rear cover, SIM, battery, memory card and all screws:

Use a pry tool or some good finger nails(no freaky nails needed, just decent trimmed nails :-]) and pry along the edge of the screen (easiest is to start at mid-left to bottom of the fone). Remember to press a bit from the rear battery compartment while prying along the edge to pop out the screen easier as below:

Removed rear shell and screen assembly:

Remove rear camera unit, it is stuck to the main board with double-sided adhesive, just pry it slowly below the square PCB and it'll come up. Then remove it out of the socket and disconnect the short and wide ribbon connector to the main board.
**You may not have to remove the camera if you can manage to pry it out of the square socket. It'll go along with the main board just fine. Though I had to remove for water dry-off measures.

To remove the mainboard out:
a - Disconnect the front camera connector (top right of fone looking from rear)
b - Disconnect the screen connector next to the SIM slot, just pop it up
c - Disconnect accessory connector, right below the ear-plug assembly

d - Disconnect the navigation keys connector at bottom right of the board

e - Remove the 2 screws on the board. One at top between the camera and the ear plug. One at near bottom right a little bit above the bottom right connector.

Now gently lift up the main board off the screen assembly and avoid breaking the connectors flexing in the way:

To better dry off water, I had to remove the front camera and ear-plug, vibrate motor and sensors assemblies:

Now just use the hair dryer at low settings and give it a good 5-10min heat and air. Then, put all the bits back together... Poof! It's alive!

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