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    Privacy and Personal Information collects only basic user's information such as email for registration of individuals that are interested in joining its user base.

    The information provided by the user is voluntary and we have no intention of using it to track the user's activities. The information collected is also used solely to our security measures ensuring the user's safe access to this site. We do not open our user database to any third-party identities such as those who seek to apply user's information toward marketing purposes. All user's information will be kept strictly in our own database for our own site's security and access controls. does not promote the use of this site for children under 13. If any indication is detected that such participation exist for any account, the user's account will be disabled permanently as well as all related data posted by the account also be removed.

    Anonymous Access
    If you choose to sign-up and register yourself as a regular user of this website, all that requires is your personal email address to create a user profile. Once signed up, you can mask your email by choosing a Nickname for your own profile. Your email will never be shown for all information related to your activities on this site and will only be addressed by your Nickname. It is highly recommended that users with multiple areas of interests to use multiple profiles to further enhance their aninomity and safety. Each profile can be used for each area of interests.

    We also do not collect anonymous usage data for any purposes. We may inspect access logs based on IP addresses for security reasons if such needs arise.

    Currently, is operating as a free service for all interested users. The site is lightly paced with text ads on designated pages. The ads content is provided automatically from the advertising network. We do not have control of these ads' contents. If you wish to find out more information about the ads, please click on the ads' banner where it shows the ads network's name such as "Ads by Google" etc. and voice your feedback from there.

    VinePage Linked Custom Profile
    Any user who has signed up and picked a Nickname will automatically benefit from an extra webpage designed to present yourself more directly to your audience. All of your contributed topics and postings are available right on your VinePage where users can view all topics with a focus under your profile's name.This page is linked to your profile data using your Nickname as:

    Within your account when logged in,you'll have a function called "Edit Your VinePage". You can update your own VinePage with direct infos that you want your audience to see. For example, you lead a special interest group then post all things about your specialty and interests where other users may wander on the internet and can find you. Or you could be a small business who has no facility to build an official website. You can customize your VinePage as much you like. All changes are effective immediately when you click save.

    There are several ways to exploit the benefits of this clean VinePage. Most importantly, it represents you on the internet. You can print it on your business cards and pass it to your potential customers. You can put it in your email signature so others may be interested in your profile. For the more advanced internet users. Youcan buy your own domain name such as You can setup forwarding directly to your VinePage address.

    Security may disclose personal information available for any account under special legal circumstances. Such as inquiries by goverment agencies or legal investigative authorities.

    All personal data collected by is stored on internal servers guarded by our hosting company's security safeguards.

    Cookies rely on cookies to ensure proper security for its users' access. Our cookie only contain security related keys for autentication and user's specific profile settings, if any. We don't use cookies to track users' access pattern or for any other purposes than the mechanics of login on/off and access of the website.

    All information provided on is copyrights of the website. Users' contributed contents, comments and uploaded files are wholly owned by the website. We will filter out violating materials and comply fully upon requests of removal of any violations seen on our site. This site is purely based on user-contributed contents, so there are always chances that the contributors may not know the original source of the materials. All users and guests are allowed to report offending posts with provided "Report" button which will lead to a form to fill out regarding the issues. The submitted reports will be reviewed by the webmaster or repective authorities for quick resolutions.

    Acceptance of Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions
    By using this site, you agree wholly to the terms and conditions of this Terms of Use Policy. If you do no agree to any of the terms indicated above, please direct your browser to another site that suites your needs. We reserve the rights to change and modify this policy at anytime at our own discretion. Please check this policy often for changes based on its change date.

    Please use the 'Contact Us' form if you have any concerns, comments, suggestions for this site. We value your visit.


    Updated: 07/30/2014
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