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Atom8 is read "Atomate" or something like "automate"... Obviously automation is my interest. I'm not an expert but only know some of the basics just enough to get something done.

I'm not even there yet regarding COM+ and other fancies like ActiveX and such that Microsoft has...:(

Just not enough time to learn all things automation.

Check some of my posts...could be helpful for beginners.

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Sony PS3 250GB Upgrade on a 40GB System - Atom8
How-To & DIY @ Entertainment / Video Games / Sony PS3 - Mar 03, 2008 12:58am - Views (14644) - Ratings(2): ( 3.50 )
The PS3 system can be upgraded with a new hard drive quite easily.
Just buy the largest 2.5in SATA hard drive you can get.
- Pop out the hard drive bay....and install the new HD.
- Boot-up the system and it will ask if you want to format the HD.
- Format the HD and you're up.

My friend just bought a 250GB HD from Fry's Electronics (with a sale price of $114.99 over the regular price of $139.99).

Here's how it goes on his 40GB PS3 system.

The new 250GB drive:

Pop up the HD cover (using just finger nail is enough):

The HD tray now visible with the built-in latch to hold on:
- REMOVE the blue screw to slide out the drive tray

Pop up the wire latch and SLIDE it toward the OPEN space in the slot:

Take out the whole drive tray once slid out:

The whole OEM drive and tray (40GB):

The empty HD tray. Swap out the old drive with the new drive, pop it in and you're good to go:

**Note: After format, the system seems to have used up some space for internal contents of some sort. We found out that it displays of 205GB/232GB total space.

I think this is quite a good deal consider the significant drive space for just $114.99 on top of the 40GB system's price. Much more worth it than the 80GB PS3 system!

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